Teacher Sanity and Upcoming Primary Election !

Published:April 23, 2020

Friday the 13th receives an ominous reputation, and in education, we blame this date and full moons as the catalyst for the odd behavior of our students.  However, on Friday, March 13th, no one anticipated that this day marked a significant change in the 2019-2020 academic year.  Maybe we should have seen this coming since the state legislature didn’t attempt to antagonize educators.   Regardless, everyone in the United States, and most of the world now face a monumental obstacle in maneuvering through this crisis.

We cannot fix all the problems of the world, but in terms of education, we can help you cross the finish line for the school year.  With distance learning, everyone will likely experience frustration at some point. 

Here are a few tips, for your consideration:

      1. Do your best and let that be enough:  Every teacher is juggling multiple responsibilities — relationships, children, continuing education of their own, and trying to keep your general sanity while providing the best education you can.  Keep up the best efforts you can and do not stress at the end of the day.  
      1. Take care of yourself:  Find time to watch the movie, play with your children, call your parents, or go for a run.  Eat healthy and take breaks from work.  You cannot benefit from prolonged time on a computer.  Of course your teaching is important, but your students benefit from you being in the best possible condition.  Your well-being matters more than anything work related.
      1. Ask for help:  Regardless of whether you need someone to explain technology to you, or if you need to vent to someone, don’t be afraid to call someone and ask.  Set up a Skype or Zoom session and connect to someone ‘in the know.’
      1. Write encouraging notes:  Real paper or digital communication?  Doesn’t matter.  Let someone know about their importance and how much you appreciate them.  Give people some positive feedback.  They need it now more than ever.   

Don’t forget about elections!

Besides providing you some helpful tips, we wanted to remind you that we will be releasing endorsements soon for the primary election.  You should have received (or soon will) a mailer which will allow you to request a mail-in ballot for the upcoming primary.  

The current pandemic presents a major problem, but it will not last forever.  The state legislature takes up educational issues every year and education employees must continually focus on supporting candidates who will make sound decisions.  

Please let us know if you need any help during the COVID-19 crisis.  We will assist in whatever way we can.  


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