New Year, Same Legislature

Published:January 2, 2020

The year 2020 is upon us, and we love to make resolutions and goals about what we need to achieve in our lives.  This season not only brings us into a new year, but also a fresh legislative session in West Virginia.  The last two sessions produced dramatic strikes, amazing displays of solidarity among educational employees, and a few legislative victories.  However, education in the Mountain State suffered a significant setback last summer, when Senate President Mitch Carmichael used his leadership position to push House Bill 206 in the Special Legislative Session.  This law opened the possibility for charter schools in West Virginia, a policy which most West Virginians opposed.  Senate GOP leadership tried to build a narrative that educators should be pleased with the bill, due to the teacher pay raise instituted and other much needed funding for students.

In this new year, we find ourselves in a precarious situation.  The 2020 Session occurs months ahead of the next election cycle, meaning this state must stomach further attempts to erode educational institutions from Mitch Carmichael and Senate GOP leadership.

Several anti-education politicians lost bids for re-election in 2018, but not enough to stave off HB 206.  Lawmakers such as Carmichael, (the perpetually angry) Craig Blair, and Patrician Rucker understand that their days in office can easily come to an end in 2020.  Thus, they will undoubtedly push further legislation which is neither needed, nor wanted.

You can make a difference 

During this legislation session, you can help create a better educational system!  Defeating the Senate GOP leadership becomes much easier with everyone pitching in!  You don’t need to do anything complex.  You only need a willingness to act!

Here’s what you can do:


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