Chad Lovejoy

Grade: A+

Lovejoy consistently votes pro-public education and has several terms as a legislator under his belt. He sponsored legislation which benefited children’s breakfast and lunch programs in the state.

Daniel Linville

Grade: D

Linville began the 2019 session with some promise. The West Virginia Service Personnel endorsed him and he voted with educators in dismissing SB 451. However, that positive momentum came to a halt during the Special Session, when he turned away from his previous stance and voted in lock step with GOP leadership.

Dr. Matthew Rohrbach

Grade: A+

Like Lovejoy, Dr. Rohrbach has several terms as a delegate under his belt with a staunch voting record for public education. He stuck with educators throughout both strikes against strong pressure from his party.

Evan Worrell

Grade: C-

Worrell maintains this grade because of his overall transparency and accessibility.  He voted with teachers in February, and has demonstrated more transparency and honesty than others who voted for HB 206 in the special session.  While we are disappointed in his decision to vote for HB 206, Worrell was consistent in stating the conditions under which he would or would not vote for any bill regarding education.

John Mandt

Grade: F

Mandt campaigned as a moderate, pro-education Republican, but has consistently disappointed educators with his voting record. During his first term as a delegate, Mandt voted against the wishes of his constituents, and that of the teachers and service personnel who frequently contacted him.

Mike Woelfel

Grade: A+

Woelfel has considerable legal and legislative experience, and has tirelessly supported public education in the Mountain State. In particular, he provided a sound voice of reason in the Senate, questioning Mitch Carmichael’s tactics during floor sessions and the overall poor education agenda.

Robert Plymale

Grade: A+

Like Senator Woelfel, Plymale continually supports and champions public education -- a top priority in his tenure in office. He also strongly backs the interests of organized labor, which has greatly benefited the teachers and service personnel in West Virginia. Plymale’s voting record is rock solid in these important matters.

Sean Hornbuckle

Grade: A+

Hornbuckle has been a staunch supporter of public education. He maintains an impeccable voting record on public education and sponsored several pro-education bills in the past.






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