What is the purpose of Future of 55?

Future of 55 exists as a political group to influence positive changes to education policy in West Virginia and to support candidates for public office who seek to do the same.

Is Future of 55 considered a labor union?

No, we are not a labor union. We focus solely on educational policies, whereas labor unions are sometimes connected to larger unions.

Is this group competing with labor unions?

We do not compete with labor unions, and we encourage union membership with either the American Federation of Teachers (AFT-WV) or the West Virginia Educators Association (WVEA). We have often worked in conjunction with these groups.

What does the Future of 55 do that labor unions do not?

We attempt to cater directly to the informational needs of educators and service personnel. We work to develop positive relationships with members of the State Legislature and connect these lawmakers with individuals in local communities. We are a smaller organization that can move more quickly.

What activities does Future of 55 participate in?

Future of 55 frequently contacts and speaks to members of the West Virginia State Legislature, attends various political events and rallies, pickets at teacher strikes, endorses candidates, and donates money to various candidates.

Does Future of 55 have a political party affiliation?

We are non-partisan, supporting both Democrats and Republicans.

Do you take stances on other political issues outside of education?

No, Future of 55 seeks to influence issues pertaining to public education policy. We want to do our absolute best to stay focused on these issues only.

How can I support Future of 55?

We would be thrilled to have support from those who want to see sound educational policy enacted in the Mountain State! You can donate money to the group, attend sponsored events, contact your local members of the legislature, and contact members of the group directly for information.






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