Charter & By-laws


The Future of 55 Political Action Committee exists for the purposes of raising and spending money on political activities and candidates who support public education and its employees.

Article I –

Officers. The group shall have one chairman and one treasurer. Additionally, the group shall have nine officers who serve as an executive committee. These officers shall hold their position as long as they so choose, and may only be removed by a 3/4th majority of all officers. When a position opens, a majority of officers shall choose a replacement at the earliest possible time.

Article II –

Building Captains. It shall be the goal of the officers to recruit and vote to install a ‘captain’ in each school building in the county, and eventually the state.

Article III –

Membership. Future of 55 will seek out members who will make small financial
contributions to the group and take an active role in attending events associated with the group and / or education in general. Membership does not include voting rights unless officers unanimously consent.

Article IV –

Dues. The chairman, treasurer, and executive committee members must contribute $100 annually to the group general fund. Building captains must contribute $50 annually to the group general fund. Members must contributed $25 annually to the group general fund.

Article V –

Operations. Future of 55 shall attempt to influence education policy through a variety of means, including, but not limited to: donations to political campaigns, endorsements of political candidates, disseminating information, attending rallies and other public events, and encouraging active participation of citizens in the political process.

Article VI –

Responsibilities and expectations. Leadership and members of Future of 55 have varying levels of responsibilities and expectations.

• Chairman – The chairman shall facilitate and coordinate group functions, assist the treasurer in meeting the financial obligations of the group, vote on all issues related to the group, and actively lobby on behalf of the interests of the group. The chairman shall also make determinations to settle any matters relating to discrepancy of the charter or interpretation of the rules.

• Treasurer – The treasurer shall keep accurate financial records of revenue and expenditures in compliance with West Virginia state law with all possible transparency for every member of the group. The treasurer shall also vote on all issues related to the group, and actively lobby on behalf of the interests of the group.

• Executive Committee members – Executive Committee members shall have an equal vote in all matters concerning group activities, attend as many group events as individual circumstances allow, and be responsible for maintaining contact with their designated building captains to distribute official group information.

• Building Captains – Building Captains shall inform employees within their school of key information pertaining to education policy, candidates, and other education related information. They are encouraged to recruit new members and build positive relationships with all faculty and staff.

Article VII –

Amendments. This charter may be amended at any time with at least six of the nine members’ consent, and the consent of both the treasurer and chairman.






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